Traveling Trunk

A few months ago I met Kristi Pfliger-Keller at a Funky Junk class through BSC Continuing Ed. Kristi was the teacher.  It was a blast to hear about ideas of repurposing junk and finding funky uses for old things. One of her sayings is “Rust is a Color too.”  I immediately liked Kristi.  She has such a positive, go-for it attitude and a passion for funky junk.  I have since connected with her a few different times.

Kristi started a funky store last fall on Main Street in Mandan.  She loves funky, old, interesting items.  It is a fun passion of hers, so she decided to open a store.  She loves old trunks and so Traveling Trunk was born. 

Store Front Photo from Traveling Trunk Facebook Page

I love that the store is only open Fridays and Saturdays.  I love that every time you go in to her store, you find many unique and different things.  I love that her husband and son also enjoy her passion.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have recently consigned a few items in her store.  Items that I have found in my treasure hunts.  However, even before I did that, I loved her store.  About a month ago I bought an adorable white table that I have in my entryway from her store.  I plan to change its color and when I do, I will post a photo.

So if you live near the Mandan area, go check out her store.  You are sure to find a unique or treasured item that brings back a memory or two.  Traveling Trunk has a facebook page where Kristi posts photos of fun finds for sale. Check it and the store out.

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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