Auction Finds Part 2

Here are a few more items I purchased this past Sunday.

I fell for this little rocking chair.  It was blackened but it is sturdy.  At first I thought it was a doll chair, but actually I think it can be used for a child’s chair.  The vintage fabric just states, “I am from the 1970’s.”

Check out this cute Little Bo Peep Child’s Cookware.  It is made out of metal.  None of the plasticky stuff of today. (Is plasticky a word?)  There is wear and rust on the bottom, but it just brings a smile to my face.  I didn’t have this set, but I did have a metal set that my sisters and I played with on our toy wood kitchen.  I wonder if they remember the set.

I had to have this washtub.  I am always looking for something to use outside when I need to clean things.  This will fit the bill.  I paid $7.50 and it is in awesome shape.

These three buckets came together with a few other odds and ends.  I used to use one of these when I fed our baby calves milk.  I am keeping a couple of them.  I want to use one as a flower pot and the other as, get this, a bucket. Ha.

I like the look of the old white iron. 

The final picture today is of this milk stool. Not really sure if it is officially a milk stool, but that is what it reminds me of.  I like it because it is a 4-legger instead of a three leg stool.  It is beat up. I am trying to decide if I should leave it that way or should I sand and paint it. Any opinions?

2 thoughts on “Auction Finds Part 2

    • Thanks, glad someone enjoyed my humor. I am loving the one I am using as a flower pot inside my home. The other has already come in handy as a bucket.

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