Egg Crate Brings Back Memories

I grew up on a dairy farm.  Holstein cows were milked twice a day;  5 a.m. and 4 p.m. – 7 days a week.  However living on a dairy farm there is much more to do.  One of the things we did was feed chickens and pick their eggs every night.  We always had eggs to eat.  When I was really little I hated picking eggs because we had a mean rooster that would chase you.  As I got older I was less scared of the rooster.  I would even tease him.  One time I was riding our little 80 motorcycle and my brother was with me.  We were teasing the rooster.  When he came after us, I hit the gas.  Little did I know that my brother was holding the clutch.  When he let go, we popped a wheelie.  I barely kept it under control and the rooster didn’t get us. I don’t think I teased him any more after that. I even have  story about the time my Dad killed the rooster by wringing his neck.  However the next day he returned.  But I digress.

When I was really little I remember going to the store in Belfield, ND where Mom and Dad would sell eggs that we had collected..  I can’t remember how much they sold them for, but I am guessing 25 cents a dozen. 

On Friday, I found this beaut for $3 at a garage sale. 

 It isn’t exactly what we used, but it sure brought back some great memories.  I am not sure if I am going to leave it white, or if I am going to strip the paint. I am going to figure out someway to decorate with it in my house.

I really enjoy seeing things that bring back memories.  That is probably reason # 2 why I like to go to garage sales.

2 thoughts on “Egg Crate Brings Back Memories

  1. I have a faint memory of that ride. I remember the ride better on the 100 (I think that was it – the purple tank bike) where you wiped out with me on it “down the hill” around that sandy corner. Thankfully we didn’t get hurt.

    And yes that rooster… I’ve shared that story with many. I’ll never forget him. Me and him… we didn’t get along very well.

    I remember riding to Belfield as well to sell those eggs. I remember them being on those plat that held, what 24 or more eggs. Don’t remember how they were loaded to go to Belfield. Probably in boxes.

    • I remember that spill. That definitely wasn’t the only one. Sometimes I wonder how i survived childhood with only one set of stitches and very little else. If I remember the rooster cased you several times when you were one foot. Do you remember him coming back to life?

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