Upcycling Defined

When I joined the world of thrifting and junking last fall, a new word entered my vocabulary: upcycling.  But what is upcycling?  I had my own definition, but as I was reading the Summer 2011 Issue of Fresh Home Magazine I found a wonderful definition.

On page 46 of the Fresh Home Magazine there is an interview with Danny Seo.  Danny is a green living expert.  He has a new book coming out in September called Upcycling. I hope to get my hands on it.

In the interview Mr. Seo was asked to define “upcycling”  Danny said, “The roots of upcycyling come from recycling.  In recycling, you take something you plan to throw away, and it gets made into something of lesser quality.  For example, a plastic water bottle gets made into a lower-grade plastic that gets new life as a shopping bag.  With upcycling, that same water bottle would be trimmed, bent and painted yellow to become a gorgeous flower sculpture.  Upcycling celebrates the idea of elevating everyday cast-off objects to new levels.”  In other words there is new life out of old.  There’s still life in there.

So now you know the definition of a new word.  What do you think of that definition?  What have you upcycled lately?

3 thoughts on “Upcycling Defined

  1. Hummmmm……Upcycling…..My husband would greatly appreciate it if you could upcycle that shed you have as your blog pictuce, for him!! Otherwise, I’m certain he’s going to “recycle” it. It’s been on his “to do list” for sometime now.

    • I love that building. Maybe it could be the dog house for my boys. Ha. If he really is planning to get rid of it, I would love to have some of the wood, possibly windows, etc. I wonder how old it really is?

      • I bet if we offered to ‘recycle’ the building, he’d let you have the windows…

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