Vintage Hamper and Window

Oh the excitement of a vintage metal hamper.  I finished cleaning up this piece.  I got it for free, yep, free.  As we were packing up at an auction sale, a gentleman was also packing, and I noticed this hamper.  I commented that it was a great hamper.  It was filthy, but I could see it had potential.  He laughed and said that his wife will not be happy that he is bringing it home, but it came with things he wanted.  He will throw it away.  I commented that it brings back memories, and it is too bad it is being trashed. He asked me if I wanted it.  Well, yes.  He was happy to get rid of one thing, and I was happy to save an item that brought back memories.

Whatever happened to hampers?  Seems that we all have clothes baskets now.  Are we too lazy to open the lid and drop clothes in?  In my house clothes don’t even make it into the open clothes basket. When I was young, we had a brown hamper in our bathroom, our ONE bathroom.  We all threw our clothes in there for Mom to wash.  Now, in our house, each person has a clothes basket in their own closet. Our house has four, yes, four bathrooms for four people.  No wonder life is getting more complicated and fast.

Before I go I have to show one more items I have cleaned up.  This wonderful, chippy window.

It was so dirty, it was hard to see the paint and the window was splattered with something sticky.  But now it is just waiting to be used for home decor.  Check out the off-white color.  Perfect in its vintage beauty.

So let me know, do you remember metal or wicker hampers?

2 thoughts on “Vintage Hamper and Window

  1. Ah yes. The brown hamper. I had forgotten about that thing. It also made for a great table to read books, play games, etc. to pass the time.

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