1950’s Beauty

Does this just scream 1950’s.  With the vinyl covering, it reminds me of things my parents had in our house when I was little.  This weekend I was able to hit several garage sales and one estate sale.  The estate sale was a gold mine.  When I saw this, I knew I had to buy it.  What is it?  Here it is.

It is a sewing stool.  It is in excellent condition.  Not a tear, rip or stain.  It even opens for sewing storage.  I really wanted to keep it, but I am sure someone else will love it, so I have consigned it.

Can you just see a housewife of the 50’s using it to sew clothes for her children?  I am sure this stool would have stories to tell. 

Here are a few more items I found.

This side table is amazing.  I love the scalloped lids on the lower half.  This piece I am going to redo.  Probably paint it, but not sure what color yet.  But I love the lines.

This is a vintage Plan-a-Kitchen set.  It has a leather case and straps.  I wonder if it was a professional that used it or a man who just wanted to design a great kitchen for his wife.  I intentionally said man, because I doubt that to many women were designing kitchens when the kit was new although there must have been a few.  I have consigned this because I know there is someone out there that had a parent who used it.

This vintage tin is so cute.  If my boys were little I think it would be a great decoration or storage container in their room.  But they are no longer little, so I did consign this one as well.

This fish cage is different.  I don’t think it is that old, but I think it would be fun to take the blue cover off and use it as a hanging in the house filled with Duplos or stuffed animals.

This aluminum coffee pot was probably my favorite find.  It is Walker Ware.  I hadn’t heard of that brand before.  It definitely was used over an open fire.  I am keeping this one to display in my house. 

So that is just a few of my finds.  Do any of these items bring back memories?

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6 thoughts on “1950’s Beauty

  1. That sewing stool is JUST like the one my mom had. My ex threw it out while I was out one day and it broke my heart. **sigh** Thanks for linking up to The Penny Worthy Project-I’m completely in love with your blog

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