Repurposed Wood Candlesticks and Plate

Here is my one of a kind plant stand.  One of my favorite items to find in a thrift store are wood candlesticks, bowls and plates.  I find that the wood ones are really easy to paint.

I found these candlesticks along with a wooden plate (no before picture of the plate) at thrift stores this winter.  So this spring I put them together to create a funky, distressed plant stand.  First I sanded the candlesticks down just a little bit.  Then I glued them together with E6000 glue.  Yes, I had to be patient and leave them overnight to let the glue set well.

Then I primed and spray painted the stand.

Just a little too flat, don’t you think?  So I added some Valspar Antique Glazing


I got mine at Lowe’s.  I have only used this glaze so I can’t speak for other glazes; however when I discovered glazing last fall is when I fell in love with spray painting.  Before, I always felt like anything spray painted looked so flat, so dead.  It looked, well, hand done.  Then I read about glazing on several blogs, and I had to try it.

With glaze, you just rub on a generous amount and rub off as much as you would like.  This project was completed right before I started my blog, so I didn’t take many photos.  But the one above shows just a light glaze that I had left on.  I hadn’t rubbed any into the cracks and crevices yet.  But at least you get the idea. Glazing just messes up the flatness a bit or a lot depending on how much you want to leave. 

Once the glazing was done, I then took sand paper and distressed it all over so it looked more loved and used.  This picture of the top might give you an idea of what I did with the distressing.  As always click on the photo if you want to enlarge it.

I really like this stand.  I would use it for a plant stand or maybe hold a large candle.  I have consigned this item, so I can’t take more photos to show you it a better.  But you get the idea.  A new piece of furniture out of old, outdated, found, candlesticks and plates.  No wonder I am addicted to thrifting when I can make something awesome out of pieces.

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7 thoughts on “Repurposed Wood Candlesticks and Plate

  1. Oops, forget to tell you I’ll be featuring this project on tomorrow’s Thrifty Thursday link party! Thanks again for linking and I hope to see you again this week 🙂

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