It’s The Story Behind the Piece

This week I stopped at a garage sale on Wednesday.  Normally there are no garage sales on Wednesday.  The sale was held by a wonderful woman probably in her 70’s.  I was looking at two identical serving trays while I asked her how her sale was going.  She said, it was a little slow.  I got one of the trays.

We chatted for a little. She mentioned she used to entertain a lot, but at her age it is so hard to do now.  I asked her what she likes to do now in her spare time.  Her answer surprised me; she loves to watch basketball, especially Duke and then follows those that move on to the NBA. She also likes to garden, but hers flooded this year in our statewide floods. 

Anyway we chatted for at least 5 minutes.  She was a wonderful lady.  I almost hated to leave  Yep, it is the story behind the pieces that really brings them too life.  Here is the other thing I bought…old West Bend Coffee and Tea metal canisters in Burnt Orange Red.  I love the color and as the owner said, “it is so hard to find such a rich color nowadays.”  I have put both in my etsy shop.

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