Lesson Learned – Go With My Gut

This definitely looks lavender

We have lived in our home for 4 years now.  For over a year I have wanted to paint an accent wall.  I have always loved greens and dark fall colors, but this time I decided we would try a lighter blue for our dining/living room wall.  Because I have the same toupe color on my walls that I did on the walls of my home in Boise, and because I have always had trouble with color, I decided the easiest thing to do was to go with a lighter shade of the dark blue I had on my living room wall in Boise.  My first mistake.

Little did I realize how much red was in that blue. We bought the paint back in March and finally got around to painting this past week.  All prep work was done and we opened the can.  Immediately I said, “That’s purple.”  But I didn’t listen to myself.  After all we already bought a gallon of paint. I am sure it will look different when it dries. So we began.  My other mistake.

My eldest son was gone for the week so my husband, youngest son and I got down to it and had the wall painted in just over an hour.  All the while I kept say, it really is purple.  But did we stop.  Nope.

Yep, it is purple and I was sick.  Now don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful color, just not for my walls in my home with dark browns, sagey greens and taupes. 

The good news is that it is only paint.  So even though we had well over a half-gallon left to do the second coat, I pulled out my color swatches and found a blue/gray color that felt was more muddy like the rest of my walls and headed back to Columbia Paints.  Since it was such a close match we figured we would only need to paint one coat.  My son kept telling me it really wasn’t different.  But the next day we painted that second coat.

Much better.  It is not purple.  I am still getting used to a lighter blue on my walls, but it feels more calming and cozy.  For now I will live with it and figure out how to add other blues to pull the color throughout my house.

The best news is that it is done, because even though I love textured walls, they are a bugger to paint.

2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned – Go With My Gut

  1. Wow……I like it! Can’t wait to see it for myself. It’s a change when going from the tans/sages that I’m sure didn’t take too long to get use to. Like you said, “It’s only paint” and quite easy to change.

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