Fun Vintage Finds

I was going through my recent photos of vintage finds.  I found this collection of pieces I haven’t shown you.  Unfortunately I did not take great photos, but the finds are just too great to not share.

These are a group of items I found recently that I just loved.  However, I have consigned them all because I know there are others out there that have a room to appreciate and display these in their homes.

The vintage flash cards were so adorable.  I can see using them in craft projects.  The Word Builder tiles were also something that could be used in crafts.  The Mercantile box is probably a reproduction, but the shape with the black knob on top is so cute.

This Haeger pitcher in the great olive-green color is so 70s.

If I was decorating for a baby’s arrival, this would be a great piece to have on a shelf and use the faded green and red as the colors for the rest of the room.

The blue ball jars with lids are in great shape.  I thought the lard press would be a great decor piece as well as the fruit press.

The serving tin, Stroyke, was not in the original photo but this cherry red with a BBQ man on it is so cute.  Decorating a kitchen in red, this would be a great display piece.

Old refrigerator drawers with a cover are harder and harder to find.

Here are a few miscellaneous vintage items.  My favorite is the bottle opener.  I think it would be a great item to add to something being repurposed.

Finally my favorite two items of this collection.

The scale of justice is a great amber/brass item, again so 70s in color. 

The Eskimo fan has a yummy sea green base that fits with current colors.  This fan brings back memories of my childhood.  We lived in a house that was built in the early 1900’s.  No air conditioning.  So we would have fans in our house.  I remember sitting by them and humming to hear the echo come back.  Why is doing this something that appeals to young kids?  My kids have done it too, but the current fans just don’t make the same great sound.  I remember being tempted to put my figures through the wide openings.  I knew it could cut off my figures, so I never did it; it sure was tempting to really find out. Now this fan would not be allowed to be manufactured…too dangerous for little fingers.  It would look great on a shelf though.

Did you find anything great lately?

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4 thoughts on “Fun Vintage Finds

  1. We had an Eskimo fan nearly identical to the one you have there when I was a kid. I have no idea where it is now. Probably in the attic at my mom’s house or stowed away at the back of a closet. Now I’m curious…LOL.

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