Our Garden is Starting to Produce

Living in North Dakota, we have a short growing season.  It has been hard to get used to.  When we lived in Boise, ID, we could plant our garden in April (sometimes we would have to cover it for frost.) and be eating in early June.  We would pick produce through most of October.  Here, we can’t plant until right around Memorial Day.  Nothing starts producing until July.  We are lucky if we don’t get a frost in August.  Usually the garden is done in September sometime.  Even with a short season we still enjoy having a garden and having fresh produce.  I decided to take some close up photos to show what my garden is producing right now.

Lettuce is the first thing to grow and is so yummy this year.

Peas finally have some pods, but not many.

Cucumbers have blooms but no cucs yet.

Potatoes are lush with plenty of blooms

Cabbage is looking good, but starting to get chewed on. 

Beet are poking out of the ground. Found enough to have borscht soup yesterday.

Winter squash starting to develop

Zucchinis are showing. Soon they will take over, but I can make a ton of zucchini bread and freeze it.

We have a few other things like carrots, corn, green and wax beans, pumpkins and herbs.  I dried dill today.

Finally, a photo of the raspberry bush I had a photo of yesterday.  The berries are beginning to ripen.  Yeah.

Do you have a garden?  How is it doing?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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