My Scrapbooking Process

I scrapped these 12 year old photos to remind my son how he got his scar on his nose.

For the third week of The Mother Load at Big Picture we were suppose to scrapbook any layout and pay particular attention to our process.  Knowing how we scrap, we can then figure out if we are missing something.  It might help us figure out how to scrap faster, which we will need in order to do 26 layouts in 26 days in September.

My process is always to find some inspiration.  I find a sketch, an embellishment placement, a way of journaling, etc., first.  Then I find my photos.  From there I choose the background paper.  Usually that helps me with the colors of embellishments I want to use.  Because I organize most of my embellishments by color, I go to my colored bin and find embellishments that work.

Each color bin holds embellishments of that color. Can you tell I am drawn to greens and blues?

I usually lay out the photo and embellishment and then think of journaling.  Where do I want to place it, what do I want to say, and how much space do I need.  I then write it and place everything down.  I like to step back from my layout and look at it to see if it looks balanced.  Then I walk away for a while.  When I come back I decide if it is finished, or if it needs something else.  Then I am done.  I do not strive for perfection. 

Wait, there is one more thing I do.  I write on the back of my layouts…my initials, when I completed it, and when the photos were taken.  Even if it is on the front, I write that on the back.  Sometimes I add a little more info.  Maybe there are people in the photos I haven’t mentioned, so I add their names.  I just know that I am always so sad to find old photos with no info on them. Even though I scrap for me, and I have no illusions of my layouts surviving forever, if they do survive I wan to make sure my grandkids know who is who and what is what.

Do you have a process that you follow to scrap?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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