Would You Buy It Wednesday?

Would you buy this?  It appears to be a weather vane, but a small one.  It has an eagle on the top.  When I spied it in a box, I had to look closer because my son really likes eagles. It was dusty and fuzzy and half tipped over, but it looked like it had potential. The longer I have had it, the more I like it.  I am trying to decide if I should paint it or leave it. I think it will be a fun decoration.  Would you buy it?

Linking up to: Junker’s Newbie Would You Buy It?

8 thoughts on “Would You Buy It Wednesday?

  1. I love the weathervane and I would have bought it. All the better for you since it has an eagle on top! Great find!

  2. Me too! I would have bought that. It would be a great addition to a desk or even a living room end table. I’d leave the eagle as is and maybe add some color or highlights to the base and directional letters.

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