Products I Like

For the 4th week of the Big Picture Classes, the Mother Load we were suppose to use, yes actually use, products that we love.  Lain Ehmann’s point is that many times we save the products that made our palms sweaty when we saw it in the store.  We had to have it.  Then it just sits, waiting for the right page, the right story, the right mood.  We are afraid to use it, forgetting that there will be more products that come out that make our heart race.  Soon the current favorite gets forgotten and no longer stirs our hearts.

So today I used some products from My Mind’s Eye called Breakin’ Free.  This product is not new, but it is newer to me.  I have been waiting to use it. Guess what, I still have a ton of this product left.  It really has a summer theme, but it just seemed to fit for these photos of my son at his Geography Bee earlier this year.  He took 2nd place.  We were very proud parents.

So do you hoard products you love?  Go did those products out and make a page.

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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