Would You Buy It Wednesday?

Does anyone remember this?  It is a toy box probably from the 1960s.  My siblings and I had a toy box very similar to this.  When I saw it at a garage sale I wanted to buy it, but why?  What do I need with a well-loved toy box that isn’t in the best shape. 

I actually left and went to other sales in the neighborhood.  I finally went back.  It was still there.  I checked it out.  It really wasn’t in as bad of shape as I thought.  I made an offer.  She seemed to jump at it.  Check out the details.


Adorable bear graphic


Love the USA graphic on both sides

The chalk boards aren't too bad. They slide but the front is chipped off on the left side.

Now I can not decide…Do I keep it as is and use it some how in my house because it brings back memories of my sisters and I playing dolls.  Do I consign it?  Do I cut it up, then use or sell the parts with the adorable graphics on it?  I can’t decide, so it might just sit for a while.  Maybe if I found the Mrs. Beasley Doll, somewhere, I could get my sisters to come over and play.

So would you have bought it?  What would you do with it?

I am linking up to: Would You Buy It Wednesday at Junker Newbie blog.

13 thoughts on “Would You Buy It Wednesday?

  1. I remember my grandma having one at her house with toys in it. I would have bought it too… but somethinglike that is too hard to cut up or cover up. Maybe use it as a shoe bin by the door? Good luck trying to decide what to do with it!!!

  2. I have to say that I probably would not of bought it looks cute but I do not have grandchildren and my children are a lil too old for toys except the ones that take gas! LOL

  3. I had one of these when I was a kid. It was a Raggedy Ann and Andy one. Instead of just the toybox with the chalkboards there were also shelves on top that I put my golden books on. I wish my mom didn’t get rid of it. I would have loved to still have it.

    • Wow, yours sounds adorable. Love the idea of having the shelves on it as well. Those golden books were so precious to read. I do not know if kids like them know, but I sure read them a lot when I was young. I still enjoy picking the old ones up at a thrift store. Thanks for commenting.

    • I have one with the shelves too and I am trying to see if it is worth anything today? It is from early 1970s and has a bear, giraffe, and elephants on it.

  4. Yep…had one just like it. Yep…would have bought it. I decorate in primitive and old collectibles anyway so would have found a way to fit it in. I’d probably use it to store seasonal blankets or clothes and written a quote on the chalkboards for display.

  5. I have this toy box from my grandma’s house. My kids played out of it and now my grandkids have it. It’s a keeper for me, and it’s in perfect shape. I’m surprised to see another one.

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