Vintage Finds

I found some time to go to garage sales and an auction sale this weekend.  I found some cool vintage items.  My favorite find is this school desk with pull out seat.  I think any photographer of toddlers would love it as a prop.  I love the white with a pop of red.  It is in terrific shape.

I found two other items that I think would also be a photographers dream.  One is this Empire Toy Company vintage riding lamb.  It is in wonderful condition.  I think a toddler on it or near its face would be so cute.   Look at its face.

Edited:  BeckyKay pointed out this is probably a poodle instead of a lamb.  I am sure it is.  Funny how none of my family noticed either.

The other item is the doll crib.  I think it is great as is, but it would also be painted white and distressed.  All these items were found at different garage sales.  But not all my finds were toys or photography props.  However since I am talking about photography how about this item.

Really cool Kodak Instamatic. 


I thought this was funny.  Now I know spanking was once an acceptable practice, and that isn’t funny, but I saw this and just had to laugh.  It says it is a Fanny Paddle: A Spanking Stick for All Occasions.  I am glad times have changed.

I fell for this vintage globe.  The blue is stunning.  I haven’t figured out how old it is.  However, it has the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic on it, so it has to be older than 1989.

I really like these swan figurines.  I do not know anything about them.  They have no markings, but they are about 2 feet tall so I got them.  If anyone knows anything about them, I would love to hear about it.

This liquour bottle’s color just drew my eye as I was searching through household items at a garage sale.  Isn’t it purrdy?  The Asian flowers are raised, and the marbling just adds to it.

The last item I have cleaned up or photographed for now is this wonderful amber glass lamp.  I purchased it at an auction sale.  The plastic was never removed from the shade.  I don’t know anything about it either, but the shape and glass are cool.

So what did you find this weekend?

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