Would You Buy It Wednesday?

I was at a garage sale and saw this chair from afar.  My heart stopped.  I had to see it closer.  But upon further inspection I saw this.

Dirty, dusty, and stained.  Then I saw this.

Yes, the arm is cracked.  Someone had tried to repair it with glue and a steel plate underneath the arm.

I almost walked away, but I looked at those lines of the arms again.  For $3, I took it home.

I am not sure what I am going to do with it.  It may be a winter redo project, or I may decided to junk it.  But I own it now.

Would you have bought it?

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16 thoughts on “Would You Buy It Wednesday?

  1. I recently purchased a similar chair at an auction. I paid 7.50 i think, some of the dowels have come loose where the seat is connected to the frame of the chair, but I think it’s repairable. I would have purchased this one too for that price!

  2. I would have left it behind. It would initially seem like too much work and just someone else’s abandoned problem. The cracked arm is what would scare me. Good for you for having the foresight to take it home and eventually give it new life. How about making it into an armless rocker? You could cut where the arm turns into the rocker and round the edges and finish it off with bigger knobs screwed into where you made the cut….just an idea.

    • Wow, love the idea of an armless rocker and maybe that is what will happen, but I love the lines of the arms. But I have another chair that I might need to make armless.

  3. If my husband wasn’t looking I would have bought it! Don’t understand why he doesn’t like every floor space covered in our house like I do! I have been going to a woodworking class along with my kids for the past 2 years and I bring in finds like this the Mr. Bruce will show me how to make repairs the correct way and then I’ll do them. The mend on the arm of your chair could be fixed much better than it is, but if your not into fixing, just painting it all one color or covering like someone else suggested would be an improvement! Great find.

  4. Heck yes, I would have bought it for sure. Nice chair, and as long as the “patch” is solid a little paint will cover it up and no one would be the wiser.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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