Would You Buy It Wednesday

When my Mom and I were at garage sales this weekend, I saw this really dirty drawer filled with really dirty bottles on the ground under a table. Wish I had taken a picture of it dirty. What caught my eye was the handle and the chippy paint.  I asked if the drawer was for sale.  The couple gave each other a look like I was crazy, they sort of hesitated and then said well I guess it can be for sale.  I asked how much.  When they said $2.  I took it to my car.

Not sure why I like drawers, old tool boxes and crates, but I do.  Now I can’t decide if I should just leave it as is or strip it and paint it. 

The front is white and one side is blue, well sort of.  The other side doesn’t have any paint.  The inside is gray.

So would you buy it?  If so, would you redo it?

I am linking to Junker Newbie Would You Buy It Wednesday?

15 thoughts on “Would You Buy It Wednesday

  1. Yes! and if I had the time I’d redo it. I know every one paints everything but I think there would be awesome patina on the wood under that paint on the front panel.

  2. I would buy it and probably leave it as is. Love the blue shade. Doesn’t it make you wonder why there is different paint on each side? I always wonder about the story behind things like this.

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