Garage Sale Finds

This weekend I went to Dickinson to visit my Mom and sister, and I was able to give my niece her Bridal Shower gift.  Of course, my Mom and I found time to go to a few garage sales.  The first one was a 20 party sale.  I found a bunch of items that were priced reasonably.  I haven’t gone through much of it because I spent today sanding, painting and finishing three projects that I will be showing in the next days.

The first item is a Matel Jack in the Box.  It isn’t the one I used to play with because it is from 1987, but it did bring back memories of the one I played with.

This toy is a Peek a Boo Block.  You squeeze the end and a cylinder pops up, and of course it makes noise.  I paid too much for it…$2.50, but my brother played with this a lot when he was a toddler, so I bought it.  It is in wonderful condition.  Jon, do you remember it?

This minute man mug was purchased from a sweet old lady who said her son painted it a long time ago.  I love the character of the face.  I love when the sellers have time to chat and tell me stories.

This wall hanging is from the 1970s by HomeCo or Home Interiors.  I think it would look adorable in a boy’s room with a bicycle theme.

The found these readers, “The Happy Hollisters,” from the 1950s.  They are very good condition. I am a book fanatic, so I couldn’t resist at $.20 each.

This is a Glasbake cake pan with a metal base.  I am trying for figure out if it is actually silver or what it is made of.  It is tarnished, but I like the look of it that way.

I really like this item.  It is a Q-Tip box from the 1940s.  Not in the best condition, but I also like boxes.  Had to pick up this one.

This one is hard to see, but it is an old lamp.  It has black iron that is sponged with gold and the glass is amber.  It is filthy and broken.  But I had to get it.  I think once it is apart, it can be made into a cool glass side table.

Well that is all I had a chance to photograph.  What did you find this weekend?

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