UUPP: Uplifting Prints

Today I wanted to tell you about my husband’s cousin who is an awesome illustrator, Carrie Harman.  She has illustrated several children’s books.  Look at a recent one.

The books I have seen that Carrie has illustrated are so adorable.  Carrie started an Etsy shop last year to sell her own prints.  Her shop and business is called UUPP.  I purchased this smile print from her shop this spring.

I love the saying and the colors.  So I found an old frame, painted it apple green to match the green in the print, and hung it above my pantry door.  It was really hard to take a great photo of it, too many shadows.

Here is another print that is for sale in her shop.

It can be printed in several different colors.  Or check out this cool idea for your family names.

Such cute prints.  So go check out her Etsy shop.  You might find a fun new print or two for your home or for a gift…Christmas is coming.

You can also check out Carrie’s blog.

No, I don’t receive anything from her sales.  She doesn’t even know I am posting this.  I just wanted you to know about her talent and her cool prints.

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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