Would You Buy It Wednesday?

Do you watch Picker Sisters on Lifetime TV?  It is a new show, I think only 5 episodes so far.  The show features Tracy and Tanya.  They were originally on Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC.  I am not sure if they are on that show now or not.  I have to admit, I still like American Pickers better, but this show is good to watch because these ladies are interior designers.  They go throughout the country finding junk their sidekick can turn into creative furniture for their store in California.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.

This weekend when I was at an auction sale, this lovely  filthy, dusty, tin piece, a roof vent it was called, came up for bid.  It is about 1.5 feet tall and 2 feet in diameter. I immediately thought of the Picker Sisters; they would love this piece for some modern side table.  When no one bid on it, and the auctioneer was asking if anyone would pay one dollar, I raised my card.  Yep, I bought it for a buck.  Now what do I do with it?  It will probably sit in my husband’s garage for a while waiting for inspiration.  If inspiration never comes or my sweet husband gets tired of looking at it, it will go for consignment or recycling.

So would you have bought this roof vent?  Have you ever been at auction and finding yourself raising your bid card even though you probably shouldn’t be raising it? 

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16 thoughts on “Would You Buy It Wednesday?

  1. yes I would have bought it not sure what i would do with it besides paint it up with chalkboard paint and add a few rhinestones LOL

    and i love Picker Sisters they really have some cool ideas I bet they have a huge price on their finds also in their los angles shop I would like to go visit it anyway


    • Thanks for commenting. I love the idea of chalkboard paint on it. A hanging lamp would be cool for a really high ceiling.
      Yes, I would love to see their shop but I know I couldn’t afford anything.

    • It is easy to get into auction brain/craze. But I really enjoy going. To me auctions are entertainment. I love seeing the treasures that are held up, and I love to see what people are willing to pay for things.

  2. Well for $1, I definitely would have bought it! I love the previous comments about creating a light fixture of some sort…do you have a deck or patio? It’s a really cool piece!

  3. Great buy! I probably wouldn’t have bought it because I’d get in too much trouble by going to an auction in the first place! I love the idea of an outdoor light of some type. Your husband sounds like mine!

  4. I would love to know what you did with the roof vent. I know where there are six roof vents that are 4ft tall by 2ft. Would love to know how one could be recycled into something for the garden or yard.

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