Plant Stand Prettied Up

A few weeks ago I was standing next to a man who won a bid on several things at an auction.  As he brought his treasures back to his spot, I said to him, that he got a nice little table.  He replied, ” Do you want it?  I bought…”  I stuttered and he said, “Take it, I am just going to throw it away.”  So of course I grabbed it.  I needed a small plant stand anyway.

After sanding, priming and painting it, I have a cute stand for my jade plant in the same color as my accent wall.

Since there are no curves, I decided to add some vinyl to the top just to give it a little something.

I love that you can take vinyl off whenever you get tired of it.  The best part is, since the table didn’t cost me anything, I can get rid of the table tomorrow if I decide I want something else.  I guess it pays to be friendly.

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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