Reading Around the Blogosphere

Even though life is crazy, I still find a little down time to look at a few of my favorite blogs. Here are three posts you might enjoy reading.


Photo and Project from Diggers List. DIY Vintage Yardstick Coat Hanger Photo from

I recently found a couple of vintage yardsticks. Now I need to find more because I must make this. Love what SKAIE at Diggers List did. I must copy it somehow.

Edited post:  SKAIE clarified where this wonderful project came from via a comment.  “I wanted to clarify that this idea and photo was originally found on Keep It Coastal…see more of her work here:”  Thanks SKAIE for the clarification.

Photo from

I recently came into possession of three folding rulers.  I had been looking for these rulers for a while, when I found two at an auction sale.  Then I found one more the next week at a garage sale.  I love the look of them.  However, this idea that Betsy from My Salvaged Treasures is brilliant and simple. I have to do this.

Up until Tuesday night, I was not in a fall mood.  I couldn’t even think of decorating for fall.  However Tuesday night we had frost.  Brrrr. (We had to pick our tomatoes and other veggies.)  I love these painted pumpkins and other ides for decorating with pumpkins from Jess at Frugal With a Flourish.

What have you found interesting in the blogosphere lately?


3 thoughts on “Reading Around the Blogosphere

  1. Frost? We had 107 yesterday. Guess I need to bring my warm pj’s with me.

    Interesting items. Can’t wait to see all your finds and creations. Bet your garage is getting full.

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