Fabulous Weekend Finds – Part 2

I know I am way late with this second post of finds from last weekend.  However, holding a Funky Junk, Vintage Sale took a lot more time than I had hoped.  I will post in the future about a few things I learned.  However here are a few more finds from last weekend.

I spotted this cast iron bus as I was walking up the driveway at one place.  I really like the look of it.  Haven’t decided if I am selling it or keeping it.  I have no idea if there is any value in something like this, but I think it would make a great display piece.

I think letter holders like this are so retro.  Now we all get too much junk mail for something like this to hold it all,or am I the only one who can’t control my paper piles?

This little vase is a Lefton.  I do not know a lot about Lefton.  I do know that their women’s heads vases are very popular.  Thought this little boy was so cute.

I have been on the lookout for a Sad Iron.  Now I am the proud owner.  Funny, I would not have wanted to own one when I really would have had to use it to iron.  Way too much work.  Actually ironing is way too much work even now.  That must be why I do not do it even with our fancy irons of today.

This is probably my favorite find of this post.  A handcrafted Shoe Shine Kit filled with vintage products.  The woman said her Dad shined shoes for a living.  He made this kit and used it for years.  However, I did not just buy this one…

Yes, I bought both of the kits she had.  I think it was hard for her to sell them.  I just think they are really cool, and knowing they were used makes them more special.

No thrifting this weekend for me.  But my Sale turned out fantastic.  I had terrific customers come and take home some great items.  Cleared out my garage.  If you were one of them, thank you so much.

I will not be posting much this next two weeks.  My niece is getting married this Saturday.  It is going to be an event to remember.  My brother, my sister and their families are coming for about 10 days, so I know I won’t find time to post consistently.  After 3 months, I know I will miss posting.  I am loving writing about and sharing my junking obsession.

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1 thought on “Fabulous Weekend Finds – Part 2

  1. The shoe shine kits are really wonderful. Love the sweet story behind them, too. The bus is very unique and you are right, it would make a very cool display piece.

    I hope you enjoy your time with family and your niece’s wedding.

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