Fun Weekend Finds – Sept 30

After two weeks of not a lot of thrifting, Friday and Saturday were fun days.  Saturday I hit several garage sales with my brother and his family who were visiting from Texas.  Then Saturday my Mom went with me to an estate auction sale about an hour away.  We average about 65 degrees for a high here in North Dakota at this time of the year.  On Saturday it started out cold at about 45 degrees so we wore our winter coats.  But the day turned out wonderful and hit a high of about 84 degrees.  Perfect day for an auction sale.

The little guy above was spotted at a garage sale.  He reminds me of Pinocchio.  He is an egg holder.

I was thrilled to find this tin filled with old buttons.  A bonus of old religious medals was also included.  Yep, score.

This cup made me laugh.  The back has info about Minneapolis on it.

My favorite cartoon is Bugs Bunny.  Look at this little juice glass with Yosemite Sam.  As you empty your glass you see Bugs on the bottom.  Should make any kid or kid-at-heart smile.

These beer glasses are vintage glass with gold imprints.  Each glass has a movie camera and an old tv set with a different classic tv show on it.  Rin Tin Tin, Father Know Best and Wild Bill Hickok are some of them.  These shows were before my time, but I am familiar with almost all of them.

I was thrilled to find this Royal Haeger Tulip Vase.  It is actually orange, and the white doesn’t show up as much as it does int he photo.  I was having a hard time getting a good photo of the color.  However, the shape is so cute.

The best purchase of the weekend is this vintage Poosh M Up Baseball pinball game.  Not sure how old it is.  The seller thought 30s or 40s since the woman who owned it was 91.  It is in great shape, but you can see some wear above the “puller” where the marbles wore the path.  Wonder how many hours this game was used for entertainment.  It would not be enough for today’s kids who have video and computer games to entertain.

Sometimes I yearn for the simpler life, yet I am not willing to give up some of my luxuries like Digital Cameras, Microwaves or even, dare I say…indoor toilets.

What did you find this weekend?

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9 thoughts on “Fun Weekend Finds – Sept 30

  1. I have developed a bit of a fascination with Haeger vases. They’re plentiful and usually cheap. Makes me think they weren’t particularly valued when they were new, but I love the shapes and the colors. Personally, I think they’re going to come into their own one day.

    Your tulip vase is lovely! I have to keep an eye out for one of those. Tulips are my favorite.

    • Thanks for commenting. I agree, the Haeger vases I have found have been a fun shape. I too believe they will come into their own.

    • Would love to see a picture of the one you found. I am trying to figure out just how old this one is. They really are fun games.

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