Sunday’s Still Life – Celebration

One of the ways my niece allowed me to help during her wedding was to be amateur photographer while she and her bridesmaids got ready in the a.m.  I had a blast taking photos of them doing their hair, helping her with her makeup and veil.  However, my favorite is still Still Life photography, so my husband helped me set up some shots of some of her items of celebration.  The above photo just speaks of happiness and celebration.  The necklace is the simply elegant one she wore with her beautiful strapless gown.  She was so beautiful.

I hope she will enjoy the over 400 photos I took that day.

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Still Life – Celebration

    • Hi Lynae,

      Thanks. There are a few photos that I really like that we took of some of your items. It was fun and even more so because Uncle Michael helped.

      I meant to tell you that I was so honored that you used so many of the things I helped you with on your guest book table. I was so surprised to see the Scrabble tile item on your table. I really was honored.

      Thanks so much for including me in your beautiful day.

      Aunt Karen

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