Vintage Bride Bingo and More

Garage Sale season is really winding down around here.  Not sure what I will do when they stop all together, but for now I will hit what I can.  On Friday I stopped at 4 garage sales and found a couple of treasures.  This 1957 Bride Bingo was never played.  It was meant to be played at a Bridal Shower.  I love the graphics on the box.

Also found this Touring Automobile Card Game from 1965.  Not sure how to play it yet.  Just haven’t read the directions.  Again love the graphics on the cards.

This pitcher has 1964, To Ma: From Eileen on the bottom of it.  I just love the shape.

Not exactly sure what this little guy is.  He looks Native American to me and it appears to be attached to a flute.  I like the colors of it, and am thinking I will try to incorporate it into my fall decor.  If I can’t, I probably put it in my shop.

Finally got these 3 vintage aprons.  Each one looks new or nearly new.  The gold one even has pockets.

Do you have garage sales to attend all throughout the year?  What do you do for your thrifting/junking habit if you don’t have them in your area?

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9 thoughts on “Vintage Bride Bingo and More

  1. The vintage aprons are lovely. The Bride Bingo game is a great find. I bet it is very interesting!

    I like to visit thrift shops during the parts of the year that we don’t have garage sales to visit.

    • Can’t you see a 50’s bridal shower. Everyone dressed up in housedresses, drinking black coffee, playing this game.

      I am always excited to find great vintage aprons. Do you look for them as well?


    • The lady I bought them from said to me, “Who wears aprons anymore?” Well if she only knew. Ha.
      I can’t keep all of my aprons so I am sure I will be selling some of these and others in my etsy shop. Or just email me directly if there is something specific you are looking for.

  2. I still have my Touring Game. I think I bought it like 1971. I didn’t realize the particular version had been around since 1965. I think it should be turned into a game to be played online.

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