Would You Buy It Wednesday? Oct 26

Here is an interesting piece.  The woman I got it from is moving to Alaska and didn’t want to deal with it.  She said it was from the 1960s.  Her Grandparents had it.  It supposedly was a School Nurse’s Couch.  It completely looks like a Mod piece of furniture that I am seeing all over the internet.  I did get it; my boys think it is so cool.  They want to use it when they play video games…laying on their tummies.  I think I am going to sell it sometime, but for now it lives in our basement room where the boys spend a ton of time.

Would you have acquired this item? What if I told you that it was free?

Linking up to Thrifty and Fabuless  and  Junker Newbie  Would You Buy It Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “Would You Buy It Wednesday? Oct 26

  1. Hi! I discovered your blog via a friend’s link on Facebook. I’m a vintage & retro loving newlywed in Jamestown–soon to be moving to Dickinson. So glad to have found another ND thrifter!
    I have to say, I love love LOVE that bench. So insanely jealous–and for free?!? Simply awesome. Those little legs are fantastic.

  2. I would totally have taken this and added more padding and wrapped new upholstery fabric around it & stapled it to the bottom. This would be a breeze to recover – more like a footstool than a sofa. Great find!!

    PS Thanks for visiting me today!

  3. For free? Definitely. That fact that your boys are using it makes it totally worthwhile. The legs on it are great. It has a lot of potential – under a window as a window seat is one idea. Recovered in a bright color is would be like pop art. Personally, if it were the right height, I would take off the head rest, recover it and use it as a giant ottoman that doubled as a coffee table in front of a sofa.

    • Jil, thanks for the awesome ideas. I love the idea of an recovered ottoman. Right now I will let the boys use it but if they get tired of it, I will have to see if an ottoman would work. Thanks so much for commenting.

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