Bumps in the Road? Find Inspiration

Storms come and go in all things we do.

I have had a tough week in my reselling business.  My Etsy shop is going well.  Love the customers that I have had there, and I am starting to average 2 sales a week.  However, Ebay has been a different story. I don’t sell alot on Ebay, but once in a while I find things too good to pass up that don’t fit Etsy’s vintage requirements, so I list on Ebay.  I have had a hard time collecting some money on winning bids.  Then a winning bidder gave me a gut feeling that a breakable item I was sending may not go well.  So I packed it as well as I could with bubble wrap and extra peanuts for padding.  Low and behold, I got a message yesterday saying it broke in the mail.  She immediately is threatening a negative rating.  I am still waiting for pictures, and I will happily refund her purchase price.  Then I had a listing pulled because it violated a rule that somehow I missed.  On top of that I am trying to figure out tax requirements on local purchases.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, but trying to be truthful about this business.  And yes, these things have dampened my spirits.  But today I read a post on Thirft Core  by Vanessa that really helped.  Thrift Core is blog for a reseller out of Florida who is now working on opening her own brick and mortar store.  So cool and inspiring.

Bumps in the road...come can be avoided, others need to be just gone through.

There are bumps everywhere and in everything we do.  Her message was that this business can be busy, hard work and emotional, so we need to find ways to rejuvenate or get motivated.  Go read her post Small Business Inspiration Hunting:  Get Inspired Everywhere. 

Normally I get inspired by my treasures that I find.  However, winter is fast approaching. Garage sales are non-existent now, and auction sales are winding down. Where I live we have almost no conferences to attend, like Vanessa did.  However, since I love still life and outdoor photography, I decided to pick up my camera and take a few photos outside to capture my emotions.  I am feeling much better and ready to keep going.  I need to remember to find inspiration everywhere.

New Growth on a Blue Spruce. Getting through the winter, allowed this tree to grow.

Getting through the frustrations will help me grow as a person and my business to grow.  Life is good.  I am now going to go list a couple of new items in my Etsy shop.

Do you go through rough times in your business or even your life?  What do you do to find inspiration and rejuvenate?

3 thoughts on “Bumps in the Road? Find Inspiration

  1. You have an interesting collection of items on Etsy. Some go back quite a long way I can see.
    Wow, S.Dakota – you must get a cold winter there. In college I dated a fellow from North Dakota and his stories of the winters were very interesting, for want of a better word.
    Bundle up !!

  2. Hi Connie, Thanks for commenting on my items on Etsy. I try to keep a variety of items listed. Don’t want to focus on just one type of piece. Keeps it interesting for me.
    Actually I live in North Dakota and the winters are tough. I grew up here and then moved away for 16 years. Now am back and they winters have been hard. They are predicting a colder and snowier winter than normal. Already and bundling up. 🙂 Thanks again.

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