Five Things Thursday on Friday Nov 4

Five Days…5 Ways holds a Five Things Thursday link party each week.  This week’s theme is My Favorite Color.  So even though it is Friday I thought it would be fun to show you 5 photos of things I really love in my favorite color right now… Pantone-Smart Apple Green

Apple Green or Chartreuse defines chartreuse as a clear, light green with a yellowish tint.  I think of it as a bright, happy green so I call it apple green.  Not sure what is the accurate term, but I just love the happy color of green

1.  Retro Floral PillowLynnesThisandThat Shop on Etsy has this wonderful pillow for $30. That yummy green is so happy on those leaves. If you don’t like floral or green, she has other pillows.

2. Tiki Fork and Spoon – RedTelly on Etsy has these wonderful wall hanging tiki fork and spoon for $24. They would look so happy on a wall.

3. Sometimes I wished I was someone who loved to bake yummy desserts and pies. I don’t. But if I did, then maybe, just maybe, I could justify buying this beeeeutiful Kitchen Aid Mixer in Apple Green.  Oh the joy of having it sit on my counter.  It is $300 at Target.

4. Apple Green Desk – I found this on Pinterest. However, it is from My Blessed Life Blog.  Go check out this blog post from June so you can see the before and after.  Some day I am going to be good enough to redo something like this in apple green.

5.  Vintage Apple Green Canister SetSecondRevival on Etsy has this wonderful vintage apple green canister set for $30.  Wouldn’t they look spectacular next to the Mixer?  I think so.  Maybe I need to do some early Christmas shopping for myself.

What is your favorite color?  Blog about your favorite items in your favorite color and link up to the party.

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1 thought on “Five Things Thursday on Friday Nov 4

  1. Oh I love this color right now. A lot of things in our living room are this green color. We’re doing kind of an apple green with navy blue thing. Love the pillow!

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