Thrifty Finds – Nov 22

I was so thrilled to find this plastic coke bottle carrier.  It is so dirty.  However, once it is cleaned up, I am sure it will make a great flatware carrier or a craft brushes holder.  It could stay in its lovely vintage Coke look or it could be painted.  So many options.

These salt and pepper shakers are made by Hall.  I liked their shape.  They have a MOD shape when you don’t see the handles.

These are insulated Melamine cups with a bowl thrown in as well.  I like the colors.  They would be perfect for an Easter picnic. What?  I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving, much less Christmas yet.  I do love the fall Holiday season, but my favorite season is spring with the days growing longer and warmer.  We only have 1 month left, and the days will start growing longer.  Yeah.

Finally, I found another scale.  I have shown you the three others I found in September, A Tale of Scales.  This one I like simply because the face is mostly worn off.  The blue is a pretty bright blue that is rusted.  Just can’t pass up a great scale if it is priced right.  This one was only $2.50.

So are you still finding some great treasures?

There are no auction sales scheduled for the remainder of the year.  Most of my junkin’ will be at thrift stores, so not as many items.  I am still organizing all my stuff as well.   Finding things I have never shown.

I probably will be blogging a little less in December.  But, if you want to keep up with my thrifting, please feel free to subscribe to my blog through any RSS Reader.  Or you can click on the links on the right, RSS Feeds or by email. Thanks for reading my blog.  I want to continue to make it something you have fun reading.

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12 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds – Nov 22

  1. Hey there! Thank you for visiting my blog. Wish we lived closer–wouldn’t we have fun junking together? I like the old scale you found–it’s very like the one I use to weigh my packages for eBay! I bought a digital scale that last one month; this old timer is faithfully working for me every day and requires no electricity. I like that 🙂

    • Ha, yes, but when it is termed “vintage” it means that it is special. So we too must be special.

      Thanks for commenting on my blog.


    • Part of what I love about hunting treasures and putting them on the blog is that each item appeals to a different person or brings back a different memory for someone. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I love scales, and just clicked over to your article on three scales. I love the rusty one, only cause I just found one myself. But love the color of the sears green. I love hunting for treasures, it’s an unmistakeable feeling when you find it. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for sharing over at Sunday’s Best.

    • You were lucky to find an old rusty scale. My sears green one is on display in my kitchen right now.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and thanks for commenting. Karen

    • Yes we are lucky because we get to go in search of treasures that are cast offs and are able to use them for beautiful displays or even for practical purposes. I am so thankful for my new found love of old things. Thanks for commenting.

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