Thrifty Finds – Dec 4

It was too busy of a week to do much thrifting this week.  My MIL had carotid artery surgery on Monday and is spending  her time recovering at our house.  However, I made it to one thrift store and found these three items.

This little owl planter is adorable.  I don’t know anything about it, but owls are still in and this one is so cute, it makes me smile.  It has been used and loved, but it still is in great shape.

I really fell for the color of this Fire King Splashless Bowl.  The brown fading into the light green is so pretty.

Finally an instant collection of Salty and Peppy Salt and Pepper shakers.  They are definitely in vintage condition, but doesn’t that just add to their look?

I really think “thrifting” will be limited for a few weeks.  Are you finding your time limited to go “pickin” with the holiday season upon us?  Any tips how to keep this in your schedule?

Linking up to:  The Penny Worth Project, and Flea Market Finds

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