Updates on Previous Posts

Photo from Big Picture Classes

In November I was debating as to whether or not I should take the year long class, Twelve, from Big Picture Classes. I did it.  I purchased the class, and it starts January 1.  I plan to do a lot more scrapbooking over the course of the year.  I hope this class helps me keep my focus. Although I am not sure how I will balance my thrifting with my scrapping along with everything else in my life, but that is my goal.  All I know is that anything I have ever taken by Stacy Julian, I have loved and learned a lot.  So I am ready.  Please join me.  If you are taking the class, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

Photo from goodreads.com

I wrote a post about The Maze Runner earlier this month.  Since then I have read the first and second book by James Dashner in his The 13th Reality Series and have started the 3rd book.  I would have to say that The Maze Runner series is better. It is for young adults and written a little better.  The 13th Reality Series is for tweens.  It is written for the younger crowd.  It was slow to get into, but I am really enjoying this series as well.  I love the creative imaginings of Mr. Dashner.  I would say it would be a great series to read aloud to your kids.

Finally, I started this blog on June 12, 2011.  I have written 150 posts in the past 6.5 month.  I plan to continue the blog in 2012…keeping as my focus my thrifting, (especially when I am able to start going to auctions and garage sales in March and April.) my scrapbooking, and my photos. Mixed in will be my life and blogs or posts, as well as products I love or come across that I want to share with you.

Is there something you would life to see me include in my blogging? Are you ready for 2012?

1 thought on “Updates on Previous Posts

  1. I think I just lost what I wrote .. if you find a duplicate, it’s me.
    I wanted to ask you about your class you are taking ? Do you like it and is it extremely time consuming ? She is so talented and really a sweet person and I would like to take one of her classes. I did it for about 10 years, and as the little one’s grew, I found myself taking pictures of nature — it’s fun, though.
    Let me know how you are enjoying it.
    Happy New Year !!

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