Thrifty Game Finds

Thrifting around these parts is so slow during this time of year, so I haven’t done much thrifting. I think it will start picking up a little this month.  However, I did find a few vintage games in December that I can not wait to do something with.

My siblings and I played a lot of games growing up.  One of them was Chutes and Ladders.  It was this board.  I love the pictures of the kids.  I only found the board so I think I am going to try using it for a blank notebook or journal.  The board will make a great cover, especially the top where the 100 ribbon is.

I have never played Careers before, but I loved the vibrant colors of the box.  Some cool cards inside the box.

I never played the Stock Market Game either, but again the certificates inside are cool.

Finally I found this Bingo-Matic box with everything in it.  I have rarely played Bingo, probably because I am not lucky when it comes to drawings, so I never win.

So do you have a favorite game from your childhood that you would like to find again?

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2 thoughts on “Thrifty Game Finds

  1. Oh my did you bring back memories! I remember playing Careers and Stock Market Game as well. Other old ones I remember…Kimbo, the original Monopoly and a little newer games…Watergate(go figure!) and I think I’ve had almost every version of Scrabble around. Thanks for the memories.

    • I am not familiar with Watergate game, I think that would be fun to find. Glad it brought back memories. Oh and I buy most scrabble games I find too.

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