12 Days in, Are You Tired Too?

Source: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/family/question572.htm

We’re 12 Days into the New Year.  How is it going for you?  Are you keeping your resolutions or are you starting to tire and slip?  Is the year starting out like you wanted it to, or do you need to make some changes?

For me, it started off quite well, in that I was making progress on most of my focus goals that I wrote about here.  Big M was working around the clock, so that gave me some extra time.  However, I was tired.  Every day I felt exhausted.  I don’t know if it was because of the flu I had at the end of last year, if I was pushing it too hard, physical issues, or what.  But I felt tired all the time. I even took quite a few naps, only to wake feeling even worse.
So last night I crawled into bed by 9:30.  I told my son I wasn’t going to go to the Y at 5:30 to walk, and slept all night.  I woke when my husband’s alarm rang, because he forgot to turn it off when he got up.  I groped around till I found the button and promptly fell back to sleep. I woke to my alarm at 6 and did my daily devotion and prayer time, and promptly fell back to sleep.  I finally awoke at 7:30 feeling refreshed and ready to go.  Boy, did I desperately need that sleep.
Today I am feeling great and getting things done.  So if you are dragging and feeling like you are slipping, maybe you need to get a little more sleep.  Go to bed early and let you body rest.  It will do you a world of good.  It did for me.

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