Plan + Progress Journals


 My absolute favorite scrapbook podcast to listen to while I am walking is the weekly, free podcast at Paperclipping Roundtable.  It is usually informative and alway entertaining.  If you haven’t heard it, go check it out.  There are many other resources there as well.

 On Thursday, Noell shared a post called, Thrive! 2012:  A New Paperclipping Series.  She discussed why she does not like setting new year’s resolutions or goals.  Then went on to show what she does instead.  She creates Plan + Progress Journals.  What an awesome concept.  It isn’t just writing a goal down with no follow up, and it leaves you open to course changes as the year goes along.

 I am wondering if anyone does anything similar to this?  If so, I would love to hear if it works for you and what type of Plan + Progress journals you do.

Photo of hats I am listing this week.

I am thinking I want to start with two of them, but I haven’t decided yet.  I think a Journal for my It’s Still Life picking business would be great.  (Yes, you haven’t seen many posts on it lately, but that is because picking is so slow in the winter here.  Within 6 weeks I am hoping it will pick up.)  I would like to keep track of places that are good to pick.  Times that might be more successful to stop at thrift stores.  Items that I list and sell quickly, so I can keep looking for them.  Ideas for listing my items on Etsy.  I think it might help me learn and improve my picking, listing and customer service.
The other journal would be regarding my health.  I do not remember if I told you that last year I was diagnosed with GERD and food allergies.  I was also told I might have Barrett’s Esophagus.  It is a condition of the esophagus where my chances of getting esophagus cancer are much greater.  (I have since been told I don’t have it.)  So I am trying to eat differently.  Something like this might help me learn so that I can feel my best. 
I will do an update next month on whether or not I tried these new journals and what I think. Anyone with me?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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