Thrifty Finds – Jan 15

Got this box of salt and pepper shakers for one Buck.  Yep, at one of the last auction sales I went to back in December.  Can’t wait till I can get to an auction this year.  My favorite is the one in the back with the old man and lady by the outhouse.  Too fun.

I love this old thermos.  This is one of the items I would love to know more about.  Who used it?  What type of job did they take it to every day, or was it a hunters? 

I think this brass bell is adorable.  Something about the owl at the top, just makes me smile.  I used it when I was sick with the flu after Christmas to call my son to get me water.  Hey, it worked.

This is an adorable perfume spritzer.  It is so quaint.  Again I wonder who owned it? What type of perfume did she use?  This one will go on my Etsy shop when I can get it listed because I have allergies and can’t use perfume.  But I have enjoyed looking at it while I have had it.

What have you found lately, whether at a pick or just pickin’ in your excess?

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5 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds – Jan 15

  1. I was thinking that the perfume spritzer is actually a plant spritzer…judging by the words to live by on the canister. I used to have one of these when having 102 plants in macrame hangers in the house was popular. Dunno…just sayin’.

  2. So many more great finds, the bell is is so cute with the owl on top. Love the spritzer. Seems to small for plants, but perfect to spray nice smelling odors on ones neck! Thanks for sharing your inspiration at Sunday’s Best!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my little white scale. I just love it! I had (and sold) a little salt & pepper set like the one in the silver carrier in the corner of your box. Except mine had a little sugar jar, also! Very neat finds.

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