What Makes You Smile?

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Some of you are into picking and junking for your livelihood.  Me?  I got into because I truly enjoy the pieces I find and love when I can get the item to someone who truly will appreciate it.  This is not my full-time job.  I am a wife, Mom and homeschooler first. 

Reselling can be a tough business.  It is not easy, and it is time-consuming.  I have had to deal with some difficult customers. However, everything has been fine in the end.  However there are two things that make me smile.  The first is when I get an email that something SOLD.  Yep, it is fun to see.  The second is when I receive positive feedback.  Yesterday I receive two different bits of positive feedback that just made me smile and I wanted to share them.

The first was from a woman who I sold a Percy the Train set to on Ebay. I rarely sell on Ebay, but when I find a really fun piece that isn’t vintage, I will use Ebay.  She sent me a message that said she left me feedback, and then stated, “Thank you so much for being so honest and posting exactly what you have. Son loves it, and it will be played with every day. Again thank you. His last Percy stopped moving. The track and farm were bonus. He’s been singing “Old McDonald” while he plays with it. He’s 2yo 3mos.”

It made me smile because honesty is so important to me. I try so hard to give an accurate description in the listing.  I do not want any surprises.  Plus, I love hearing how someone is enjoying something I found.

The second one was on Etsy.  I have been listing several vintage hats.  I sold a pink beret hat.  The woman sent me a message stating, “thanks so much! I am going to Paris in April and will enjoy wearing it in the city of lights!!!!”  How cool is that. 

I am trying hard to improve what I write when I give feedback.  I do think it is so important.  Do you leave feedback on your purchases or sales?

What makes you smile when you are picking, thrifting, and reselling?

2 thoughts on “What Makes You Smile?

  1. Since I do estate sales for a living, every sale is like an adventure. I never know what treasure I might find. In my mind, doing estate sales, or even shopping at estate sales, is way better than going to thrift stores. In a thrift store, everything has been picked over. True, you might still find treasures, but it is less likely than at an estate sale, where things go straight from the owner to the sales floor with fewer stops in between. The nice thing about running estate sales is that I get to discover the treasure and sell it right away. I make money, my client makes money, and either the items finds a loving new home or it goes up to the next level, to a picker who will sell it for even more money. I get to vicariously own something interesting for a little while without having to invest any of my own money. I love finding the odd, personal items like diaries or old letters, things that little face value, but lots of stories.

    • I love your attitude of ‘every sale is like an adventure’. How fun. I would prefer estate sales, but where I live estate sales are few and far between. People have estate auctions here, but not in the winter. Our thrift stores aren’t that great but that is all there during the winter. I think running estate sales would be a ton of work but oh such a blast. Because yes, you can vicariously own it for a little while, enjoy it and then see it go. To me anything with a story is precious, but I rarely find diaries or letters.

      Thanks so much for commenting.

      Karen G

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