Thrift Finds – Jan 30

I really haven’t found much in the thrift stores in the month of January, but I finally found a couple of fun pieces.  Love the color of this beautiful pitcher.  I am still trying to find out more information about it.  Not sure if it is a repo or not, but I loved the style and the color.  I sold an amber one just like it last year, but this one has such a striking color.

Even though we haven’t had a stormy winter, it is cold here.  I am really into scarves and changing them out.  So when I found this fleece Land’s End scarf and cap, I had to snatch it up.  Love the colorful stripes.  Living in North Dakota I will still have a good 3 months to wear it yet, I am sure.  For those of you that live further south, I really am not kidding.  Last year we had a blizzard the first weekend in May. 

I did pick up two coffee mugs as well.  I have heard that they can sell ok.  I will try them and see what happens.  They were only $.25.

Finally I found this Pyrex Butterprint 2 1/2 quart casserole dish.  I like turquoise, so this one stuck out.  Someone must have been cleaning out their Pyrex because there were several pieces.  The rest were all brown pieces which do not appeal to me, nor do I think they sell well.

I did stop at a consignment auction sale in Jamestown.  We were there for a swim meet.  Stopped before the meet began, but the prices were selling very high.  I think it is because everyone is having auction withdrawals.  I do not think there have been any auctions in a 1 1/2 hour radius for over 6 weeks.  However there are a few listed starting in February.  Sure looking forward to hitting several this spring.

So what did you find this weekend?

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12 thoughts on “Thrift Finds – Jan 30

  1. I love the blue pitcher. It seems I have seen that bumpy glass in a ugly dark green color on pitchers and glasses. Don’t know if its the same glass or not, but if it is it sure is prettier in blue!

  2. The pitcher looks like the Anchor Hocking Lido line. Those pieces were produced in several colors, but the aqua blue is the prettiest. Great find!

    • Rita, Thanks so much. After some research, I have been starting to think that as well, that it might be Anchor Hocking. Thanks so much for letting me know. I agree that the blue is so pretty.

  3. I remember the pitcher from the ’70’s when I first married. I think I even had the ugly green glasses. I remember them coming in different colors, but at the time, avocado and gold were the “it” colors. Blue is probably harder to find. So you can date it to the early ’70’s. Maybe even late ’60’s, but 1973-4 for sure. And Anchor Hocking sounds right to me, too.

    • Wanda, Wow, thanks for that first hand information. Love hearing that items I find bring back memories for people. Oh how I hated that green and gold of the 70s. My parents had a gold shag carpet. I am sure others remember those too. Anyway, I really appreciate the information. The more I am finding the more I do believe it is Anchor Hocking Lido.

      • LOL My parents had green shag and our first apartment had burnt orange shag. Oh, and least everybody think I’m ancient, I was 18 when I married, so a few years younger than ancient. And we’re still together.

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