Goal Focus – February Update

Part of the reason I wrote down and posted my goals back on Jan. 1 was to find a way to keep accountable.  I need to keep reading and re-reading my focus areas to keep on track.  So here is how I am doing so far.


1.      Get to 100 items listed in my Etsy Shop by January 31 and keep over 100 items for the entire year.

2.      Keep my storage area organized and my inventory spreadsheet up to date.

3.      Ship all purchased items within two business days. Write a short personal note to every customer. 

4.      Stop at least one thrift store, garage sale or auction sale every week.

5.      Upcycle or paint at least two items every month from April through September.

Got to 90 items listed and had 10 sales.  Even thought I didn’t get to my goal, I was pleased.  The rest of the goals are in progress.



1.      Write a blog post 4-5 days a week.

2.      Update my blog design by mid year.

3.      Meet new blog friends; develop a support group of blog friends that enjoy junk, vintage items and upcycling.

My blog is a little slow, but so is junking.  Focusing a little more on scrapping than thrifting and blogging.  Still did 4 posts a week.

Layout done for LOAD - Great Taste


1.      Work through Twelve each month.  I do not expect to keep up and do everything that Ms. Julian has us do, but I do want to go through each lesson and create a minimum of two pages a month.

2.      Print photos out at least every quarter.

3.      Use my SMASH book as a place for 2012 bits and pieces.  Complete at least 2 page spread a month.

4.      Do at least two mini albums.  One of which is a December Traditions album.

Twelve has gone well; adapting it and doing what works for me. Did 12 layouts.  SMASH book is also fun.  Have 4 pages almost done for Jan.


1.      Take at least a few still life photos every month.

2.      Post at least two times during the month a Sunday Still Life Photo.

Did very little with photography in Jan.  want to remedy this in Feb.

Written by Karen Walrond. Most recent read. Beautiful photography and poetic writing.


1.      Read 7 books a month or a minimum of 80 in 2012.  I did this in 2011 and want to do it again. That includes those I read aloud to my kids. 

2.      Continue to keep track of books read on Goodreads.

Met this goal.


1.      Restart my 5 year journal and write in it daily.

I have been working on my journal, but am struggling to do this everyday.  Need to refocus on this for Feb.


1.      Walk 10,000 steps at least 6 days a week.

2.      Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day.

3.      Keep up with Move More, Eat Less.

4.      Try 1 new healthy recipe a month.

Walked everyday 10,000 steps and almost everyday drank 5 glasses, just shy.  Did not try a new healthy recipe.


If I happen to fall down on any of these goals, I do not give up.  I pick myself back up and begin where I am.

              I am not giving up and recommitting to these goals.

So how are you doing on your goals or New Year’s resolutions?  Are you ready to recommit?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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