Wood Caddy Storage

I had a few minutes last Thursday while waiting to pick up my son from basketball practice, so I ran over to Traveling Trunk in Mandan.  I love that little shop,  but it is only open Thursday evenings and Saturdays.  I never seem to be able to get there.  I am so glad I made it over there because I found this little beauty.

There is something about a wood tool caddy with its round handle that always grabs my attention.  

I love using paper stacks in my scrapbooking.  However, I don’t have a good way to store my packs.  They were just lying on a shelf.  So when I saw this caddy I had a great idea.  I would use it for those 12 x 12 stacks.  I think it will be a fun way to use this caddy. I will leave it as wood for now, but I may have to paint it.

Do you ever purchase wood caddies?  If so, what do you use them for?

1 thought on “Wood Caddy Storage

  1. Love it! As I don’t have a designated scrapping area, it would be so easy to grab this caddy by the handle and take to wherever I’m scrapping. I’ll have to look for one now!

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