Layout a Day in February – Part 2

I am actually glad that February is over.  It was an awesome month full of the boys’ activities, but I still fit in a few minutes here and there for my hobby of scrapbooking. However, I am tired.  A few things were put off this past month. I think I need to do some deep cleaning. 

Here are a few more layouts I completed.

Three more 12 x 12 layouts and one 12 x 6.  I have been wanting to try a 12 x 6 layout.  This one seemed perfect.  It is a picture of the house where Big M proposed to me.  I wanted to write the story.  Since it was going to be journal heavy, I opted for this size.  I will definitely do more of this size in the future.

Here are two layouts that are 11 x 8.5 and a two page spread of 8×8 for my Photos I Love Album.  I have an album where I do a two page spread in this similar style.  It is one photo that isn’t necessarily a photo that is technically perfect, but one that brings out some strong emotional feelings.

Here are three layouts that are 8.5 x 11 and one 12 x 12.  You will notice that there are no pictures on the one layout.  I wanted to do a layout about my dream of seeing Versailles, so I found a photo of a map and did a fun layout, then journaled about my dream and put it behind the layout with a pull out tab.  I think I will be doing more of this type of layout in the future.  I scrap memories, not photos. Sometimes I do not have a photo for the memory I want to scrap.  This was a fun way to get that memory down.

The 12 x 12 layout of Everyday Counters was the last layout I did.  I just took photos of my things on my countertops earlier this month.  I think it will be fun to see what was there in a few years when my boys are gone.  I wish I could see what was on my Grandma’s countertops.  So I keep that in mind when I scrap.  What would I like to know about my Grandma or my Mom?  Then I do a layout of what is happening right now.  Technology and life changes so fast and it is easy to forget. 

So that is it.  Most of my layouts from this month.  Yes, I scrap all sizes of layouts.  I do whatever I feel like doing for a particular story. I will take a few days break and get back into my Twelve class.  So I hope to get 12 layouts done this month.  But I won’t be too worried if I don’t. 

Do you scrap different sizes or do you scrap all of the same size?

If you want to see the layouts up close or with some explanations go to my Flickr account.

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2 thoughts on “Layout a Day in February – Part 2

  1. I scrap in different sizes too, although all my LOAD212 were 12×12 layouts. I love that 12×6 one – that’s a size I haven’t tried yet, but it’s been tempting seeing several of them during February. Congrats on making it through the month!

    • Thanks Danielle for commenting. I think more and more people scrap in different sizes. It makes it fun. Do you keep your layouts in the same albums or do you have albums for each size? I highly recommend the 12×6 size. I love it. Congrats on making it through LOAD as well.

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