Blogging…What Is Next?


I try to leave out the parts that people skip. Elmore Leonard

I started this blog 9 months ago in June 2011.  I knew I liked to write. Getting my stories down, appealed to me.  I love junking and thrifting.  I love scrapbooking, and I love photography.  Seemed like a great place to write and keep memories about my passions. As thrifting slowed for the past three months, I have focused more on my other interests, but those posts will be making a return soon.

As of today I have written just under 200 posts. Insert jaw drop here.  I really am amazed at that.  I am having a blast.  However, I am wondering what my readers enjoy about this blog.

I started this blog for me and my family. However, I currently average around 60 views a day (insert another large jaw drop), but rarely get comments.  As any blogger knows, comments feed my desire to write.  I completely understand the lack of commenting.  How many hundreds of posts have I read this past week, yet only commented on a few.  Many times I just don’t have the time…kid’s need to be taught, dishes need to be washed, toenails need to be clipped.  Other times I just don’t feel like I have anything to add.  Those brilliant writers must have some magical talent to use words and photos they way they do.

But today I would love any feedback you might have for me.  Why do you come back to read my blog?  What type of posts do you enjoy…thrifting, scrapbooking, features of others, photography, personal stories, other things?  Is there a post or two you really enjoyed and remember? Is there something else you would like to see here?  Please leave a comment or send me an email at karengATundalumniDOTorg. 

Ok, I better get to those toenails.

8 thoughts on “Blogging…What Is Next?

  1. Hi. I love reading your blog. I enjoy it all but especially like the thrifting articles. I go to thrift stores/GW and do eBay so those are very helpful. I also scrapbook and stamp(making cards too) so it is nice to get other ideas of how others scrapbook. Thanks for sharing all you do and your time with us by blogging.


    • Gail, thanks for commenting. Nice to know there are others that thrift and scrapbook too. It is nice to know who is reading this blog. I definitely plan to continue blogging. Do you have a blog?

  2. I think I started following your blog with your Nancy Drew post – because I loved the Nancy Drew books!! I just went back to that post and see that you had 11 comments – I bet a lot of people like posts like that – me included!!

    I know what it feels like – getting comments makes it seem so much more worthwhile to write – good luck with your future posts and have a great day!!

  3. Hey Jill, Thanks for commenting. Glad to know that you liked the Nancy Drew post. I am hoping for a return of garage sales soon, so I can find some other great items to write about.
    I follow your blog through google reader and don’t comment. I love google reader but it makes it harder to comment. I need to get better at it because I know the importance of comments. For example I remember your post about those children’s books you found. Love those books and the graphics. I buy them too, but I didn’t take the time to tell you that.
    good luck with your blog too.

  4. I love it all!! I don’t think I have a favorite the thrifting, upcycling, personal, scrapbooking… oh just everything! I check for updates daily 🙂

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