Sunday Still Life – Tree Budding

The beautiful signs of spring.  It has been unusually warm and dry here; so much so that the trees are budding out.  Here in North Dakota we normally are in the 30s and maybe 40s during March.  We have been having 60s and even high 70s. Signs of nature coming to life normally do not happen for a few more weeks.  I have been enjoying the weather.  Now let’s hope the freezing weather does not return.

1 thought on “Sunday Still Life – Tree Budding

  1. I’m so accustomed to almost having at least one more freeze just after upon having the new budding start – hopefully this year will be different for MT & the PNW – here in Cali, there’s not too much to worry about in that respect, whew! Enjoy the coming Spring & yonder! ;o)

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