School’s Out

Yep, we are done with our school year. 

I don’t talk about it much, but I homeschool my two boys.  My oldest, Z, just finished his sophomore year.  My other boy, JV, finished his 7th grade.  We just wrapped up our 11th year.  It amazes me how fast the years have flown by.


It has been a crazy few weeks.  Since basketball and swim season ended we have really buckled down to finish research papers and make sure we were where we needed to be in order to finish. Z took Calculus this year.  It was probably our most difficult class we have ever completed.  However, as of last Friday we completed the course and 175 days of school since we start the first Monday of August.  This coming week I will spend gathering everything, making sure everything is final, recording what needs to be recorded and put the books away.  At the same time I start planning for next year.  I find that if I do it immediately, it is much easier because I know where they have left off.  So this week I am still “in school” but the end is near.

We are already starting to plan our summer activities and the calendar is filling fast.  Is your summer calendar filling?  If so, what activities?

1 thought on “School’s Out

  1. I can’t believe another year has gone by… I know you are all excited about it but I have mixed feelings. I know you worked hard this year as always, I’m just a bit sad that time goes to quickly.

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