Garage Sale Finds – May 8

Finally, yes, finally the weather is nice enough for garage sales. This past Friday my Mom and I hit about 10 sales on the way to the airport.  She was off to visit my brother in Dallas.

I was so excited to find this large printer drawer; it is in wonderful condition.  Someone modified it by adding hinges and string to be able to hang it. I really love the patina on the handle.

I thought this 1971 Coca Cola Tray that is a reproduction from the early 1900s is fun.  I love the lady image.  I think someone will want it for their Coke collection.

These flashcards are a lot of fun. They are from 1981, but in great shape.  I have not listed them yet, but plan to soon.  They will make great pieces for someone’s crafting projects.

I also found a couple of items for myself.  I had to have this wonderful box.  I love the look of the picket edges and the handle, not necessarily the fruit.  I can paint it, but I might leave it as it for right now.

I love snowmen, so I just had to snatch these little guys for Christmas decorations. Yikes, can’t believe I said that…I want summer and warm weather.  These guys are being stored away.

Life is crazy busy right now, but I hope to hit a few sales this month.  How about you?  What have you found for a steal?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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