Life is Crazy, But oh so Beautiful

Life has been crazy busy since the beginning of the month.  My Mom lives in a town 100 miles away from me in North Dakoa near where the oil industry has been booming.  About 2 years ago she was paying about $500 a month in rent.  It has been going up every 4 months.  It was raised from $925 to $1200 starting this past January.  Then she got a notice that it would be going up 50% to $1800 the beginning of June.  She can not afford that rent as a retired woman.  Oh and did I mention this place is old, falling apart and no garage?

So I headed to Dickinson at the beginning of the month to help her find a new apartment or living arrangements.  Housing is impossible right now.  We found a brand new condo with a two car garage just being finished.  It will be less expensive for her to buy it then to pay rent.  Absolutely crazy.  So we made an offer and are closing on Friday, May 25.  All this is being done in a 2.5 week time period.  On top of it, my Mom has been out of town since the beginning on prior arranged plans.    So I have been pretty much spending most of my time there making sure it all happens.  I have one sister that lives there so we have been doing it together.  Don’t think I would still be sane if it wasn’t for her.  The past weekend my other sister came from Minnapolis, and we (my niece and JV helped too) packed up her place in anticipation of closing this week.  We also did some major shopping for new items she will need now that she owns a “just finished” home. What would we do without family?  I am so thankful for their help.

So my normal life has pretty much been on hold.  No scrapping, no auction sales, no spring cleaning.  My three men in this family planted our large garden without me. But that is ok, it is definitely the right thing for my Mom, and I know she will love it all when she comes back next week.  I know she appreciates all the work. 

So I took a quick picture of my bearded irises.  I love that there is a bud just ready to open.  Reminds me that my Mom is on the verge of a new adventure.  At 70 years of age she gets to own her first new home.  How exciting is that?

A special thanks to Lynette, Sue, Joshua, Lynae and Jon for all they are doing to make this happen.  Thanks to Big M and Z for holding down the home front.

I promise I will be back sometime in the beginning of June.  I have auction sales and garage sales to attend.  I have scrapbook pages to make.  How about you? Has May been crazy for you.  If so, I hope you life is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Life is Crazy, But oh so Beautiful

  1. What a small world!! I am in southern Indiana and a neighbor girl(28yrs) and her hubby are re-locating… he is in the mining business and guess where he is being transferred? YP North Dakota probably your mom’s town!! Housing demands are crazy business.

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