Thrifty Finds – June 2

I had a few minutes last weekend to garage sale treasure hunt before my Mom’s townhouse closed on Friday.  Here are a couple of my favorite finds.

The Green and Aqua owl napkin holder is adorable.  It will look cute on anyone’s counter. Edited:  Sold

Here is a CathrineHolm steel blue fondue set.  There is a chip and loose knob on the lid, but otherwise it is in great condition.

I haven’t had time but I think they are Sarah Coventry pins.  I haven’t had time to research them.  Anyone know?

I found this card game, Snare.  I haven’t played or even heard of it before, but it looks cute.

Finally a Harley Davidson Mug.

I am in Aberdeen, South Dakota this weekend.  Z has a swim camp at Northern State with the Ohio State swim coach.  So while he has been improving his skills I have hit some garage sales.  Today, I hit a neighborhood garage sale around Mina Lake and found some great items at over 30 sales.  Can’t wait to show them to you.

Have you had time to find treasures?  What have you found?

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20 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds – June 2

  1. love the cathrineholm fondue pot. I kind of want to buy a fondue set but I think subconsciously I want it to be cathrineholm, which probably won’t happen unless i buy it online. nice find though!

  2. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like “flea market finds” is a competition to see who finds Cathrineholm pieces each week. Congrats on your wonderful find. I found an 11” Cathrineholm bowl myself this week!

    • Normally I do not feel the competition to find teh Cathrineholm pieces because they are so rare in this area. But it was fun to find it. I checked your blog out and the piece you found it wonderful. Good luck in reselling it.

  3. I found a Catherineholm fondue pot(the full set!) at a junk store for $4!!! Yep… it is proudly displayed in my kitchen:)

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