Vintage Hats

One item I am always looking for when I go junkin’ is vintage hats.  I love old hats.  Every one I see makes me wonder about who wore the hat and for what occasion it was worn.  I found these hats all at one garage sale.  The lady was moving from her house she had lived in for many years and was getting rid of her treasures.  She took awesome care of her hats.  This one was a fancy hat.  Not sure where it was worn.  I like to think to her son’s wedding.

I would think this hat was worn to church.

This one reminds me of a hat I saw in a photo that my Grandma wore for her 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

This one must have belonged to the Mother of the Bride.

This one must have been worn when going visiting.  I can just see a coat to match it.  Can’t you?

Finally, this feather hat.  It is all feathers. It was hard to photograph so I put it in my hair.  I actually think it is wonderful.

Maybe hats will come back into style.  I do not normally follow Royalty, but in the few pictures I have seen of Kate Middleton she is always wearing a hat.  Look at her in this red one from this weekend at the Queen’s 60th Celebration.  Kate can definitely wear a hat.

Source: People Credit: Michael Dunlea/Startraks

Do you have a favorite?  Do you buy vintage hats?

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9 thoughts on “Vintage Hats

  1. Oh how fun! I so love these old hats but have resisted hard to starting a collection due to lack of space. I dont want to shove them in a box as they would loose their shape. Yours are so pretty. thanks so much for sharing at cap creations.

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