This Homemade stain remover WORKS

For years I have had a bottle of blue Dawn in my laundry room.  It is my favorite laundry spot remover.  I put it directly on the spot, rub, and wash out.  It takes most stains out.

I follow a blog, All Things Thrifty. Brooke blogged about a Homemade Stain Remover.  One of my things on my “To Do List” was to figure out how to clean my grout in my Duraceramic floors.  I love those floors, but after 5 years, the grout near the kitchen sink was getting dark looking. As soon as I read the post by Brooke, I decided to mix it up and try it.

It WORKED.  I mixed 1/2 cup blue Dawn Dish Washing detergent and 1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle and sprayed away at the grout.  I left it on for 2 minutes.  I, too, am impatient.  Then I took a brush and scrubbed.  I didn’t scrub much, and immediately, I could see that the grout was lighter.

The only issue was clean up.  Dawn is soapy, so I had to clean it up over and over to get all the soap up.  It was worth it though.

So I immediately thought of my floor in my tile shower. Yep it is embarrassing to show how the floor looks.  Over the course of 5 years, it has gotten dark.  I have a few issues that make it difficult for me to really clean my walk-in shower.  The fumes really bother my lungs and throat.  I have tried so many different cleaners, but all, even natural ones, have fumes that leave me coughing and irritating my GERD issues.

So I decided to try this cleaner as well. I sprayed it on just a small spot and left it for two minutes.  I scrubbed it.  The grout was lighter, so this definitely works on grout.  The floor wasn’t much better.  I used my nail to scratch it.  In the past even my nail wouldn’t scratch any of it off.  You can see much of it came off.

So I decided to spray more of my floor and leave it for 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes more was coming off, but not enough.  I even took my scrapper for my Pampered Chef pan and scrapped.  I could tell it was loosening.  I resprayed it and waited another 30 minutes.  Then took a brush and scrubbed.

It isn’t perfect, but I ran out of time.  I will try it again in a few days.  However it looks better than ever.  I think if I do this on a regular basis it will work better.  The good news is that there weren’t any fumes for my to cough.  My grout is definitely lighter, so I will use this for cleaning grout.  I will keep working on something to keep my tile floor clean.

Brooke got her information from Modern Day Moms.  They have a list of things this stain remover works on.  Go check it out.

Do you have a go to stain remover?

3 thoughts on “This Homemade stain remover WORKS

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    • Let me know if you think it works. After two days my grout looks a little darker. I think next time I will leave it on just a little longer before scrubbing.

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